The COVID-19 pandemic has changed weddings as we once knew them.  Couples have started realizing that they don’t need an elaborate event with hundreds of guests, many of whom they don’t even know too well! If there’s anything the past few months have taught us, it’s that we don’t need too many people or grand occasions to find our happiness.

Read on as you look at our top 5 pointers of what you can do to make your intimate wedding a special occasion.

1.   Turn it Into a Dinner Party

Instead of a separate rehearsal dinner and a wedding, you can just combine the two. Depending on your budget, you can select your favorite restaurant or get a bit creative. Imagine an evening under the stars, surrounded by twinkling fairy lights, good food, and all the people you love. The bride and groom and all the guests can still dress up in their best for this intimate celebration.

2.   Think Outside the Box for the Location

Couples spend much time stressing out after their engagement in search of a venue that matches their wedding vision, budget, and is also available on their preferred date. Stop trying to fit the mold and get creative. Even your patio can be turned into an intimate wedding venue with beautiful floral arrangements, centerpieces, and treat tables.

Look for places where the two of you enjoy spending time together, such as the beach, or even a local park.

3.   Spend Wisely

Prioritize the elements that are important to you. Forgo the massive buffet bar in favor of just one of two dishes and some wedding cake to top it off. Perhaps you can put the money you saved on catering to create a more magical setting complete with a photo booth, a live band, etc.

4.   Create Special Wedding Favors

An intimate wedding means that you’ll only be inviting the people you are closest too. This is your time to show them how important they are to you with personalized, unique party favors. If you’re hiring a wedding planner, they can help you put these together.

5. Look for Inspiration

Platforms like Pinterest can help you create entire vision boards for your wedding. You’ll be able to find creative themes and plans to have your event in a small garden, on the beach, and more. Look for fun ideas for a unique wedding photoshoot as well. The mother of the bride and other guests can be a part of this shoot too!

Make it Your Own

A small wedding is a chance for you to do just about anything you want with the event. Look for a unique theme, like Hollywood Glam, boho chic, and more to create an event that your guests won’t forget. Don’t forget to share your vision with your wedding planner and vendors to make sure you get your dream wedding!

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